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Digital Services

"Digital interaction with your customers is often the first and only contact your brand will ever have with your customers, so make it positive and a memorable experience"

 Bianca Glynn (Founder / CEO)

Our Services: About Us

One off reports, consultancy services and 
monthly plans available

Our plans are devised to help your brand or business whatever the stage of development you are in.

Packages are available for start ups, small, medium or larger sized businesses. Whether you are starting from the beginning or looking to revamp your existing social media channels.


For solo entrepreneurs packages are available to help you kick start your new brands social media accounts or successfully promote a product. 

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Social Media Audits

We can review your existing social media accounts and offer you a very detailed report, telling you what is working and what you could improve on. We look at all aspects of your social media and assess how you can start to use your social media purposefully.


Advice on your branding. Does it appeal to the right audience? does it accurately reflect what you do? is it consistent. We can help you.

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Advertise your brand, services or products using social media or digital marketing include Google Ads. 

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Social media management

Let us manage your social media channels for you. All platforms.  

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Advice on social media, digial marketing, branding tone of voice, marketing strategy, paid ads, PR and so much more. 

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Our Services: About

Social Media Management

We can set up your social media accounts from scratch or we can review your existing channels to make sure you are doing the best you can online. This includes one-off bespoke reports or monthly management packages. If a package is not shown on our site please email us and we can create the best fit package according to your needs.

Our Services: About

Social Media Paid Advertising

Paid Social Media is a brilliant way to reach new customers and promote new services or products online. You can promote or boost specific posts or create bespoke ads on Facebook or Instagram, promote specific posts or create bespoke ads to target customers to drive traffic to your profile pages or straight through to your website.

Using paid social advertising its a great and relatively low cost way to increase your brand visibility, generate awareness and your sell products to the right people directly and at the same time gain valuable insights into who you high value customers are and what exactly interests them!

Our Services: About

Consultancy Services

We offer a range of consultancy options including one off social media or digital marketing project, website development advice and planning, tone of voice, online reputation management, influencer marketing campaigns, online partnerships or competitions, branding, events, PR and much more....

Influencer Marketing

Working with Influencers across different social media platforms is a vital part to your marketing efforts online. Many brands are yet to embrace this industry and others do it yet never quite get to grips with how much they should spend and what the return for their investment should look like. But we can help!

Linked directly to PR it is so important to have the right people talking about your brand or product, creating a positive sentiment and helping to drive sales and more customers to your website.

People trust influencers and are avid in trying to copy the next big thing, therefore it is important that your brand is active in this space and has a voice through the right people advocating for you. 

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Why Use Social Architechs

Social Architechs are a team of industry professionals with a host of specialisms experienced in producing producing social media strategies, content research, digital marketing and managing clients’ accounts and creating great content.

Social media is vital for your business and so it is important to work with experience people that can protect your brand. With both a creative and data driven mind set it is the perfect combination to help build your brand. 

We create researched based content that resonates with your audience, and create engaging posts and ads that make your company stand out. At the same time generating meaningful conversations around your brand to build a positive brand sentiment.

Our Services: About
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